Board of Commissioners

Miles Cary

Paula Flaherty

Jeff Sikorovsky

Anthony Paranzino
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Chris Bly, Commissioner

Becky Ceperley, Commissioner

Mia Fox, Commissioner

Hollis Lewis, Commissioner

Kathy Rubio, Commissioner

CURA History

The Charleston Urban Renewal Authority was created in 1952 by the City of Charleston, West Virginia as provided under West Virginia Code, Chapter 16. These Code Sections provide for public health and slum clearance and give the agency the power and direction to develop community renewal plans to focus on the elimination of slum and blight.

Charleston's Urban Renewal Program began in earnest in 1958 with the Planning and Execution of the Summers Street/Boulevard Project. This project consisted of 2 3/4 blocks bounded Kanawha Boulevard, Capitol, Virginia and Court Streets. New development included Charleston National Bank (now Chase), Charleston House Holiday Inn (currently the Ramada Hotel) and Shanklin Parking Lot.

With this success behind it, the CURA embarked on two additional projects called Government Square and Triangle. Planning began in 1965 and 1966 respectively and required 3 years to complete the planning and financing.

The Government Square project consisted of a 10-block area from Clendenin Street to Laidley Street and from the Kanawha Boulevard to mid-block toward Lee Street, East. The Triangle project was bounded by the Government Square project, the Elk River, Interstate 77, Laidley Street to Washington Street and along Summers Street to Interstate 77. These two projects had an estimated cost of approximately $30,000,000.]

Government Square and Triangle Project Developments

  • Two Drive-In Bank Facilities
  • Judicial Annex Building with Parking Facility
  • United Bank Center with Parking Facility
  • Spilman Thomas & Battle Law Office Facility
  • Downtown Mall Development with Four Anchor Stores and 120 Speciality Shops (Charleston Town Center)
  • Two Hotels - Marriott and Embassy Suites
  • Municipal Parking Building with Cinema Theaters & Commercial Area
  • Civic Center Expansion Facility Seating 12,500 with 2,500-car Parking Building
  • City/County Health Facility
  • 205 Units of Section 8 Elderly Housing (Charleston Arbors)
  • Single-Family Subdivision Consisting of 11 New Homes
  • St. Francis Hospital Facility Including Two Medical Buildings & Parking Building
  • Restaurant and Office Building (Now Soley Office Building)
  • Laidley Tower Office
  • Commercial Development & Pedestrian Mall
  • St. George's Church Annex
  • YMCA Daycare Center
  • Martin Luther King Recreation Center
  • Postal Facility
  • Former Water Company Office Building
  • 22 Units of Town Houses (Clendenin Square)
  • 52 Units of Apartments (Charleston Village Apartments)
  • Metropolitan Church
  • Arnett & Foster Office Building
  • Storm Sewers & Widened Streets with New Lighting System (Clendenin, Lee, Court and Summers Street)
  • Lee Street Rebuilding by State of West Virginia

CURA was also involved in a small neighborhood revitalization program in the Shelton-Sentz area. Redevelopment included:

  • 120-Bed Nursing Home Facility
  • 103 Units of Section 8 Elderly Housing – Jacob Arbors
  • 22 Town House Units
  • Limited amount of rehabilitation

CURA led development of the historic downtown core through the implementation of the Downtown/Old Charleston Urban Renewal Project prepared by the Charleston Renaissance Corporation.

Revive. Restore. Rebuild.